Strategy, Creativity & Vision

“It’s not enough to have a kick ass idea”

If you want to win in the marketplace, you need more than an idea, you need a plan.  A long term plan, a short term plan, steps to get you there and flexibility to update it along the way.  Be open to new ideas and positive transformation or you’ll hit the wall.  There’s no quick fix and no one size fits all.  Fortunately, you already know what you want and where you want your company to be.  So let’s explore it together and create a plan that works.

You’re going to answer a few questions and we’ll storm your brain.  What are you currently doing for marketing.  What are your customer’s reasons for considering your service in the first place?  They’re hiring you or buying something from YOU for a reason so let’s get those reasons on the whiteboard.  We’ll help you explore these concepts and a lot more and honestly establish your differentiators.  Then build on that as the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

You might find that elements of your business mean more to your customers than you think.  

The most effective way to success is a flexible marketing strategy that can respond to changes in your market, in customer perceptions and customer demand.  It can also help you identify whole new markets to target and new ways to engage them and keep them coming back for more.  Turning your customers in to advocates and referral sources is key.

We’ll help you identify your customers’ needs and how they currently fulfill them today.  Where does your company fit in the buyer process and market?  What is the customer experience they expect?  Where do they look for it?  Who are your competitors, what are they doing right and where are they weak?  Let’s make the most of your strengths and match that to the needs of the customers you want to target.

We can evaluate where you are at today with your marketing and product strategy end to end.  We’ll go through what’s working and what isn’t.  In the end, you’ll have a flexible marketing plan with actionable intelligence, content, a plan and timeline to execute with performance metrics.  And a plan for growth.

We have a comprehensive phased approach that’s not painful and it works.  Pour a cup, call us, let’s get started today.