Promotion & Execution

An effective promotional plan has different tracks for different types of customers.

Customer retention and upsell is a different track than new customer acquisition.  And you should have multiple new customer acquisition programs where your content is personalized to different buyer personas.  Some customers are keen on learning about you via social media.  Some never touch it and want to hear about you via emails or newsletters only.  Some only want face-to-face so what are you going take with you to the meeting?

Your promotional calendar should be driven by analytics and we have the best analytical tools in the business to help you optimize for maximum conversion.  Is your product seasonal?  It’s also important to know what’s trending and what topics are hot to your specific customers and our tools keep you in front of all that. 

What’s your plan?  Far too many marketers see content promotion as posting links on social media sites, hit a few blogs and then perform some search engine optimization (SEO) to get the page ranked higher.  Then they sit back and wait a month to do a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report.  Surprise, didn’t work, now what.  Missed the sale or the holiday passed.

Our analysis can be simple or broad or it can be relentless and as deep as the ocean.  But we never stop pouring the results back in to the plan.  With our data, we can help you build relationships with your customers that are Real Time and Authentic.

We test emails before sending to a broader target list.  We do multi-variate testing of web pages, polish and test again on an ongoing basis.  We can write your blogs and get your content out where your customers are looking for it, when they need it.

Check out our EXPERTISE link to see our full range of tools and services.  Our team has expertise in end to end promotion and execution of comprehensive marketing plans in ways you may not have ever thought of.