Marketing Communications

A high quality experience in your content is what paves the path to the sale.

Customers don’t search the web for products, they search for answers.  Are you creating tech specs, feature lists and price sheets simply talking about yourself and your latest discount? Or are you creating content that articulates your value and how you solve customer problems converting them in to buying customers?  That’s our sweet spot.

Brochures, web sites, videos, direct mail, infographics, signage, logos, ad copy, tweets, blogs, product descriptions, trade show slicks, slide decks, white papers, proposal templates, direct email… all that stuff needs to be created.  To be effective, it must consistently follow a clear message strategy, tone/voice and direction across the board.

Good quality content is engaging, insightful, helps get your customers over their objections, maybe even educates them and shows you are a thought leader.  It needs to have specific calls to action, pull the customer inbound and clarify your unique selling position.

We believe the use of predictive use case marketing and showcasing success stories and testimonials all support your buyer on their journey.  They want to know how other customers solved their problems using your services.

Grinder is our project management tool for up to the minute status of projects and keeps you in the loop as we develop your content.

We can do a full content audit of your business and identify the gaps in your library too.  We can help develop customer personas to understand what customers buy and how they do it.  Some customers want to reach you via social media.  Some never use it at all and these days you need content for both.

We can help you use your content to show your customers you are a trusted partner and subject matter expert.  Good content can turn your prospects in to buyers and advocates for your business.