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Win the interview - Win the job! Part 3 - UNCOVER & OVERCOME CLIENT CONCERNS

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A 3 part series on winning the interview to win the job.


“Take good notes about what the interviewer tells you about the position/project during the interview as well as the types of questions they are asking you. These will help you identify the client needs for additional interviews”

You should ask these questions:

  • Is there anything that I can clarify for you about my resume or background?
  • What concerns do you have about me for this position?
  • Are there any questions or concerns you have about my background?
  • Is there anything I can clarify for you?
  • Do you feel I can do this job?

I understand your concerns. Let me give you a specific example of how/ why, etc. (give explanation). Does that make you feel more comfortable about my ability to do the job?


  • Ask for the opportunity. Let the interviewer know that this is a position you can and want to do!
  • Ask “Where do we go from here? What is the next step in the process?”
  • You should try to never leave without knowing where you stand in the process, but don’t be pushy if the manager is not willing to provide this information.
  • Don’t discuss rate/salary directly - If salary comes up, try something like this….
    My main objective is finding the right opportunity. I am flexible in regards to salary and benefits, and I am willing to consider your best overall offer.


- Win the interview - Win the job!

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