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How to become a guest blogger on the most popular blog in an industry

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The following example explains why Google likes guest blogging.

You need a new doctor for whatever reason. So you ask your friends who they use and like. Let’s say out of the 8 of your friends, 3 of them recommend the same doctor, it is more likely you will choose that doctor because more of your friends like that particular one. There must be a good reason.

Google works the same in ranking your web site. Google loves popular blogs. Most of the blogs will allow a by-line link. So use your anchor text on the link in the by-line of the blog to optimize for the key word you want to rank for in Google. On the average, you will only need to do this for about 15 or 20 Google trusted blogs to get first page ranking for one key word. There is no need to worry about keyword densities, link structure, or high tech SEO. This is very simple.

A number of blog site owners are actively in search of articles, so acknowledge that you are supporting them by presenting worthwhile information in exchange for a bit of publicity for yourself. So, don’t be concerned to contact them regarding your proposal and blog article. But make sure you are respectful of the blog site owners, stick to your commitments, and produce your best work should you land a guest post!

Research on Google for “guest post” as well as your industry

Check out Google and enter your keyword, for example (without quotes), “guest post travel” or “guest post by travel“. Utilize this search method to locate several travel blogs which have recognized guest posts.

Research on Twitter for “guest post” and industry

This search is fantastic simply because it offers really current guest blog posts by industry. Many individuals, when they discuss articles, reference whether or not it’s from the blog site owner or by a guest poster. Searching on Twitter is an effective approach to locate active, popular blogs within an industry which are currently accepting guest blog posts.


Use This site lists blogs classified by industry.

Lists of Guest Blog Sites

Listed here are a couple of good examples:

Guest Blogging Matchup Platforms

You will find a number of resources or organizations that match individuals looking for guest posts with those who are considering writing them. Listed here are a few:

My Blog Guest –

Blogger LinkUp –’s Guest Blogging bonfire –

Blog Zone’s Guest Blogging sub-group (lookup for the Blog Zone Group in LinkedIn)

Remember, do your homework and Goggle will reward you!

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