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How to use YouTube to get on the first page on Google

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YouTube Secrets for Page Rank If you have never heard of YouTube or have never made a video, don’t panic.

At the bare bones of it, all you need is a video cam, or a digital camera that allows short video. The most important part of creating a video is to make it of high quality content. You will also want more than one if you have a lot of information. Long informational videos will make your audience leave before you have had a chance to get your message across. Keep them short, to the point and have an irresistible call to action. Now, let’s get to heart of the secrets on how this will drive traffic and become viral.

Keywords in the Title

YouTube allows for long titles but only 55 or 60 actually show up in the search results. Be sure your keywords that you want Google to find you with are the same in your YouTube video title. It should read like headline with a call-to-action that will urge your viewers to click on it and not your competitor. Use key word phrases as much as possible as long as they are relevant to your video. If you get caught spamming or YouTube and Google thinks you are spamming, your account will get shut down leading to no traffic and that is bad.

Keywords in the Description

This is a summary of your video and the best place to use key words and phrases to increase your chances of getting ranked high in YouTube to get the attention of Google. Include every single primary and secondary key words and phrases as much as possible while still being readable. Why? YouTube gives you 5,000 characters for this section. Remember, don’t spam here either.

Keywords in the Tags

This is where some people don’t understand the importance of this feature with YouTube. When you mention your most important key word phrases, put them in quotations as well as each word listed out. This section will be the most considered when people do a search to find your videos. Google will take notice as well.

Incoming Links

Use a combination of traditional incoming links like articles, blog posts, forum commenting, etc. in addition to social media incoming links as well. Why? Incoming links are the most powerful way to make sure you rank for any one particular keyword phrase, especially for Google. So if you want your video to rank high for the phrase “Send Me Free Traffic”, you need to run an incoming links campaign that points to your video watch page on YouTube that uses the phrase “Send Me Free Traffic” in the anchor text.

If your website, video channel, blog, or opt-in list is brand new and you are trying to optimize for very popular key words, this could take some time to build up traffic. If you have at least a small following, this could explode in a very short period of time. Do the research on the keywords and phrases and be sure to be consistent with your most important keywords. You will see results.

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