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Paid Traffic

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Traffic is essential to any online business. If you have enough traffic, then any offer, no matter how terrible, will eventually make money. People actually do make money, albeit small amounts, from AdSense sites that are designed to be so bad that they will encourage people to click on an ad just to escape the horror. So, what are the other options and do they work?

About those cheap traffic/hits sites, their traffic generally comes from Pop-ups, Pop-unders, Interstitials, and Expired domains. All of these methods work together to drive traffic to your site, the key to any paid traffic campaign is to track your results to make sure you are getting the traffic for your money. Monitor the traffic claimed by traffic sites and your analytic software to ensure your site is actually being viewed. Some viewers will close a pop-up or pop-under and never actually see your site, ever. Some of them are scams, some are legitimate. Results are generally sub-par, due to poor quality traffic. This traffic will skew your statistics because it doesn’t convert well. Don’t waste your marketing dollars, track everything.

CPV (Cost Per View) also known as PPC (Pay per click), CPV is another pricing model used in media buying. Most commonly used for pop-ups. Also for some video ads, toolbar ads, and ads that appear in software and computer games. This is a good way to targeted traffic, but watch your budget or you may end up paying more for the traffic than the profit of one sale. For example if you earn $500 whenever you get a sale on your offer, it is possible to pay up to $1 per click if you really wanted. If you are paying $1 / click, you could pay $400, get 400 clicks and I guarantee out of those 400 (or probably 40-50) leads that produces, you will get one sale. If one sale earns you $500, see how you can never lose?

Text links are one of the most controversial forms of advertising on the Internet. While it can be a good source of traffic, search engines like Google don’t want you to be able to boost your search engine ranking by buying a bunch of links. If they find out that you are paying for links, or participating in any type of linking scheme, they may severely penalize your website in their rankings. You have options to get around the Google bots.

Deal directly with website owners. Find websites in your target market and work with them for a link to your site. This will probably not get you in trouble, as long as it appears to be a voluntary link.

Use a text link broker. There are tons of them, just search. But keep in mind that paid links through brokers are generally not permanent links. Therefore, it is not recommend for long-term SEO purposes.

Donate to charity. Non-profit websites are reputable and often carry significant authority with Google. Many of them will give you a link back to your site if you make a donation (you may need to ask).

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