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Auto Responder Secrets

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Now that you have your email template, content and subscription list, what’s next?

You are going to want to keep your readers engaged in your marketing efforts. Whether it’s your coupons or new products, auto responders is the digital way to offer superior customer service to your customers and email subscribers. It’s also the best way to build trust for potential customers. A little known marketing statistic is that it takes 8 times to make an impression on a potential customer to convert them to a customer. These marketing messages can’t be selfish in nature. You have to be able to give something to gain the trust of a potentially new customer.

Create a weekly tip or a free report. People search the web for information. They choose companies based on if they feel its trustworthy information. Free information is great way to build trust. You can write these in advance and set up a schedule to send them out without any interaction from you. It works while you sleep. Isn’t that the best way to offer great customer service?

Send an automatic message after a product purchase or price quote. It’s great to redirect the customer to a thank you page, but it means so much more to receive an email. This email could contain information on return policy, a copy of the invoice of the purchase, customer service information or support desk. You can take this one step further. Set up a series of auto responders to the product purchase to find if the customer’s product was received and in good condition, are they satisfied, would they give a testimonial or fill out a survey.

Since they are automatic, they are sent out without your interaction expect for the first time creation and testing of messages. Use the auto responders to offer new products to customers who haven’t bought anything in a while. Set it up and forget it. It’s the best account manager you will ever hire.

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