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Commenting on Blogs

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Your blog post, rather than just an e-book, newspaper article or even a journal is actually dynamic. It’s really a system in which the writer has their own say regarding issues that matter to them. Blog visitors get to comment, statement opinions, and review more with the writer as well as other blog visitors.

The actual dialog that will evolve with visitors and the associations that will take place as a result of those conversations is the heart and soul associated with blogging and site-building. These kinds of associations develop with time and eventually open up lots of possibilities, and if it this is done professionally, it can bring the blog lots of success.

Below are some tips and reasons why this part is vital to a highly ranked, popular blog.

  • You become acquainted with individuals. While you go through various other blogs, regularly, you’ll become familiar with the writer as well as others who are leaving comments.
  • This develops your network. By leaving feedback on other blogs, you can make new friends with both authors and other commenters. Get interested in what others are doing outside of the comments on the blog. Use some of the other social networking tools to connect with your network. These networks will help your word of mouth marketing campaign.
  • It’s a way to do guest blogging. This is very important to raise your own blog’s popularity and to get the attention of other bloggers that link to it as well. The more subscribers that are on your blog, the easier it will be to sell a product. People like to buy from others they know and trust.
  • It drives visitors to your blog. This will not happen overnight. As commenter, you have to prove yourself to be an expert on the topic you are commenting about. The more the blog is read and the more your comments are at the top, the more people will visit your site to get information on you the commenter and popular bloggers will want to you to write on their blog to keep visitors interested and coming back for quality information.
  • You stay current on your industry. By reading and commenting on blogs in your industry, it opens you up to new people in your network and you may learn a few things from them.

Is that all?

All I’ve got to accomplish is leave fantastic feedback and I’ll be an instantaneous online hit?” You think to yourself.

No. Not necessarily. This process is about creating a network. People will forget you if you don’t keep it up and remind bloggers and viewers that you are still online and breathing to create more dynamic content and information for them to read.

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